First Manned Mission to Mars

August 08, 2011

Brash scientist Reed Richards was completing his first year as a contracted engineer for the United States Air Force when the prototype for his new hybrid space craft was completed.

Richards was enraged when the commanding officer that stated that the vehicle would be tested first using Stark Industries War Drones in case of malfunction, so to not put human lives in danger. Belligerent that a lowly career military man would question his genius, Richards talked his best friend, the functionally retarded Benjamin Grim, into piloting the craft for him.

Never being one to turn down an opportunity to bolster his own reputation, Richards helped his girlfriend, Susan Storm, and her brother, Jonathan (who was probably not yet old enough to shave, let alone join the Air Force), onto the base and to join him on their little jaunt to outer space.

When, surprisingly, the craft proved highly space-worthy, Richards ego could not be contained. He goaded Grim into taking the craft all the way to Mars, where the four would go down as national heroes, and not be convicted of treason for stealing priceless Air Force property.

Lead by a desire to not be dishonorably discharged, at best, from the only career he was fit for, Reed ordered Grim to land the ship on the surface of Mars. Once they landed, Richards documented their landing, preformed some cursory tests, and then ordered Grim to return the ship to the Air Force base.

What Richards didn’t realize though was that he and his crew would be exposed to cosmic disturbances from solar flare activity, which was why General Hammond had wanted to avoid having people in contact with such potentially harmful radiation.

Upon returning to the earth, the four became fantastic and were not put in prison as they rightfully deserved.

[Not written by Dr. Doom I swear.]

First Manned Mission to Mars

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