Kree Symbiotic Ring

A mysterious piece of alien jewelry.


Device: Immunity 10

Type: Defensive
Descriptor: Alien
Action: Move Action (Activation)
Range: Personal
Duration: Permanent
Effects: Life Support (Immunity to all environmental conditions and suffocation), Quick Change (create clothing/costume based on wearer’s thoughts), Symbiotic (removing the ring Dazes the wearer)


  • Feature: Creates a costume/clothing for the wearer


  • Easily Removable
  • Activation: Move action
  • Limited: No immunity to disease, poison, starvation, or thirst
  • Noticeable: It is a shiny platinum ring with a rainbow topaz inset
  • Quirk: Removing the ring Dazes the wearer

Power Point Cost: 1 [(1/r – 1fl) = 1/2 × 10r – 2 flat – 2/5 (removable)]


Wildcard acquired this ring from Better Man’s armory in Issue 2: Nazis Stole My Girlfriend when he requested a disguise for their assault on Ull’s base. Better Man let Rick keep the ring to facilitate his ability to support the Freedom City Fighters in the future. Rick is currently only aware of the costume generating power of the ring.

Unbeknownst to anyone, the ring is actually a symbiotic entity trapped in the ring by Kree technology.

Kree Symbiotic Ring

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