Freedom City Fighters

Issue 2: Nazis Stole My Girlfriend

A Norse God, an Invisible Space Ship, and Office Mayhem

Issue 2: Nazis Stole My Girlfriend

The issue opened on the night of the first annual Interstate Charity High School Costume Football game. The LMHS Honey Badgers played against the Bayville High School Locusts.

The Howls, one of the richest couples in town, made an announcement that if anyone had information as to what happen to their safety deposit box during the robbery that took place in Issue 1 they would give them a reward. The offer has been upgraded to $10,000 and any one item from The Dragon’s Horde.

The just prior to halftime, the game was attacked by Nazi terrorists wielding advanced technology, lead by the Norse god Ull. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants took this opportunity to try to steal the charity donation box. An unknown force, Charles Xavier, blanked the minds of those in attendance, implanting the suggestion that the game was in fact called by a violent wind storm (which conveniently explained the structural damage). Interestingly the weapon used by the Nazi soldiers seemed to only hurt certain members of the crowd and teams.

During the calamity, Ull and the Nazi’s kidnapped Cassandra Neramani and Hentha.


I am sure there were Pony references, and Pony talk, but I don’t think we just watched Ponies.

Issue 2: Nazis Stole My Girlfriend

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